A Look at the Possibility of LED Street Lighting in Australia

As Sydney prepares to be the first Australian city with LED street lighting, there is a focus on using LED lighting technology to light up our roads in a more energy efficient way. According to the City of Sydney, public lighting makes up one third of the city’s annual electricity use and a large part of its greenhouse gas emissions. The replacement of 6,450 street and park lights with LED alternatives is expected to save nearly $800,000 a year in electricity, avoided carbon tax and reduced maintenance due to the longer life span (1).

Lighting manufacturer Toshiba International has recently introduced two intelligent products with in-built lighting controls that can improve even further (unbelievable, right?) on the efficiency of the LED street lights. The TGT LED Luminaire for street lighting and the TSL LED Luminaire for industrial applications are designed to maximise longevity and reliability due to the automatic dimming controls. These intelligent sensors are able to perform dawn to dusk dimming, which enables the lights to maintain the Illuminating Engineering Society’s (IES) recommended light levels while consuming less electricity – making the LED street lights more efficient.

Stefan Maric, Product Director of Australian LED lighting company ESIC Lighting, says “LED street and industrial lighting is now at a level where there is no longer a question about whether they are reliable or bright enough – they last longer and are brighter than traditional lights while using less electricity – they’re now at the level where we can investigate more intelligent ways of using this energy efficient light form.

“At ESIC Lighting we have sourced industrial LED products which have industry-leading lumen efficiency ratings, and we have found that in most cases the payback period for the investment in industrial LED lighting is well under 3 years. We have studies to show that the lumen output doesn’t drop below 80% over 100,000 hours, which is a fact that anyone who understands LEDs will know is completely off the chart compared to a few years ago, and we’re excited to be in an industry that will continue to progress rapidly.”

Now that the City of Sydney has finally taken the plunge and accepted LED street lighting as the way of the future, LED Advice hopes to see more areas of Australia embracing this energy efficient lighting technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save Aussie tax payers money.


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About the Author: Justin O'Leary

Justin is currently completing a pre-apprenticeship with a career as an electrician planned. He is an LED enthusiast who created 'LED Advice' to share the economic and environmental benefits of this fascinating technological revolution with the world. ESIC Lighting, a supplier of quality LED lighting products, appreciated his shared enthusiasm so much they asked him to become part of the ESIC team.

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  • LED is a trend for light using,it will use very widely and completely when the technology is more reliable and price is more competitive.

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